In the not so distant past, you simply weren't considered trendy without wearing flared trousers and platform shoes, and not so much time after, you had to be either a mod or a rocker. Then, the 80s saw a broad range of new 'niche' styles take the world by storm, and the 90s for many people was all about skateboarding, baggy jeans, and wearing a beany to keep long hair in one place. Trends change year after year, season after season, and some people will go to extreme lengths to keep up with them or attempt to be a trendsetter. However, many of us just want to look fresh, feel confident, and walk down the street with a stride in our step rather than be the talk of the town just for attention we don’t need.

Some of us are tired of watching clothing adverts and shops push their brands down our throats without even showing us what they're offering. We don't want to try and look different by somehow wearing branded clothes that make us look like walking billboards. We're no longer impressed by people flaunting intricate and ostentatious designs that look fine when they first catch people's eyes before appearing ridiculous when something else comes along. No, what we want is high-quality, durable clothing that bears no allegiance to one particular style or period. We want something simple yet striking, not plain but not 'in your face,' and neither conformist neither trying too hard to be unique.

At MR SIMPLE, we know that you're already unique, and you don't need your clothes to define who you are or where you're going. You want clothes that reflect your personality and tastes, and though you aim to look good, your goal isn't to show people that you're willing to go the extra mile just to shine above them. You just want clothes that catch your eye, make you feel comfortable, and remain in top condition for years no matter how often you wear them. At MR SIMPLE, we know that simplicity doesn't mean basic, and our broad range of clothing lines as well as an honest approach to fashion has helped us become one of the fastest growing men's clothing shops in Sydney.

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While we have a passion for design, we don't like to plaster our logo across everything we manufacture because we know that you want to retain your individuality, and that's almost impossible if you look like a sales representative for your particular brand of clothing. We like to keep things simple, but that doesn't mean basic by all means. Furthermore, we like to be fair to our world and the people within it, which is why our factories are ethically managed and our clothes made from organic materials like hemp, linen, and cotton. Our stores in Sydney aren't there to push you into a sale, and you'll only receive advice from our friendly professionals.

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If you look at what we offer either in our stores or online, you'll instantly identify with us and our mission. We believe that the men's clothing in Sydney that's 'in' now should be just as stylish when the next season's range comes out, and we know that you'll love our simple yet bold designs.