Winter hues, a splash of Navy.

Relevant throughout the seasons, navy comes in waves but is never removed. A variety of hues, from solid overdyed tee's to washed back denim, showcases its versatility. Comfortably paired with black, a more adventurous palette includes burgundy, tan and grey - all great complimentary colours.


Complimentary Colours


Utilising the complimentary colours above we can piece together different combinations of outfits. In the outfit below, we've combined the washed black Smith Jacket, the navy Barnett knit, camel Maxwell chinos and a plain white tee. The crisp white Converse make the outfit feel more relaxed and work well with the palette.


Combine the Smith Jacket with the navy Barnett knit


The Canadian Tuxedo, otherwise known as denim on denim is a challenging look to pull off but definitely not impossible. The key to the look is pairing solid blues with washed blues, below we've executed with our Sedgwick mid-weight denim shirt and Taylor slim-fit denim. For added warmth, we've add a knit layer with the Townsend in an off white colour that works well with the hues of blue. A small hint of grey breaks up the outfit, the final layer, a plain grey marle tee brings it all together.


Mr Simple's canadian tuxedo, classic denim on denim


For a sharp look, start with the army-inspired camel Hargrave jacket, pair it with the dark navy Maxwell chinos, the basic Reginald tee in grey and our premium leather belt, the Hudson.


A sophisticated look in the Hargrave jacket and Maxwell chino pants


Above are just a few examples of how to wear Navy this winter. Using our complimentary colour palette above as well as black and white, start combing different elements to create your own looks.


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