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Stacked denim by Mr Simple


In a world dominated by fast fashion, few things stand the test of time. Mr. Simple's focus is to avoid the noise of constantly evolving trends and create products that are built to last. With that ethos in mind, chambray, and denim styles naturally make up a solid part of our range. Often painted with the same brush, there are differences between chambray and denim.

Chambray, generally used in lighter weight garments while, denim on the other hand, in heavier weight garments. Similar in look, the difference between the two appears in the weaving process; chambray has a criss-cross weave while denim has a diagonal weave.


Navy denim with contrasting stitch by Mr Simple

Both fabrics make great shirting. Tighter weave chambray makes great dress shirts, while looser weave chambray is renowned for relaxed shirting as it has a noticeably textured slub. Denim makes great mid-weight shirting, constructed with classic snap buttons for a classic look and great winter layer for added warmth.


Chambray shirt by Mr Simple


Our favorite character of denim garments is they get better with age, each wash and wear slowly add personality to the garment. Jackets act as a canvas, embellish them with patches and buttons or keep it plain for a clean and timeless look. Jeans are an everyday staple for most, hard wearing pants that improve in comfort with each wear, historically used in workwear and in more recent times as a daily essential.

Mr. Simple has a solid love affair with denim and chambray garments as the range reflects. Shop our chambray shirts, denim shirts, denim jackets and denim jeans.



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