Men’s Festival Outfit Style Guide

Festival Season is well and truly here! And we’ve got some tips to help style your next outfit.

First off let’s get the two no no’s of styling for a festival out of the way.

1. Don’t wear your most prized possession

This means; don’t wear your favourite or most expensive piece of clothing in your wardrobe. You’re going to get sweaty, dirty, and more than likely spill a few drinks over yourself; festivals are made to have fun so dress for the occasion.

 2. Make sure you’re comfortable.

Whether it’s a day festival or more so a multi-day festival, you want to be comfortable. Incorporate clothing that allows you to move around freely; avoid wearing something that restricts you or overheats you. You’ll be on your feet all day jumping around listening to your favourite bands so make sure you’re dressed to enjoy yourself without hampering the mood with blistered feet.

What to wear.


A printed button up party shirt is a staple for any festival, and you can’t go wrong with one of our Bowler Shirts. These limited shirts use deadstock fabric that have been left over from clothing production and saved from ending up in landfill. The Bowler Shirts are made from using Rayon fabric giving the shirts the breathability needed for a day festival.



Festival season in Australia usually means it's summertime and you're more than likely going to encounter some stinking hot days. Apart from keeping your fluids topped up; we also recommend styling your outfit with some shorts to help beat the heat. Our linen shorts are a great option as they are made from 100% Linen; a breathable material perfect to keep the leg hairs flowing in the wind.



Remember the no no’s we mentioned at the beginning of this article? Then this is the time to action them most. Your shoes are going to get dirty, stood on and scuffed so go for something that can take a beating. The 2nd no no is a must; make sure they are shoes you have worn in and know are comfortable to walk in all day. You can either go for a pair of comfy sneakers or if you’re looking for something that will last, try a pair of trusty Blundstones. Check out our collection of shoes here.



Apart from protecting yourself from the cancerous sun, a hat is a great way to complete the look of your outfit whilst also keeping sun safe. Our Parker Felt hat fits the festival vibe with functionality to match.

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