What to wear with Linen this Summer

Linen Shirts

The go to material for summer, Mr Simples linen shirts are made from a lightweight, super soft linen which allows air to flow through so you keep your cool. A great option for the guy who always wears a shirt or if you're looking to elevate that boring outfit. Fits the occasion for tropical holidays, summer weddings or a hot date. 
guy wearing linen longsleeve shirt

Linen Shorts

Did you know we also stock linen shorts? These are a great summer staple ensuring comfortability and breathability. Pair them with a simple basic tee or go linen top to bottom with a short sleeve linen shirt.

 male wearing linen longsleeve shirt and linen shorts

Linen Pants

You may think pants in summer is a death wish here in Australia. But thanks to linens cooling benefits; linen pants are a great option to make that outfit feel a little more complete while not making you feel claustrophobic. 

 guy walking in linen pants

As we continue to move in the direction of sustainability, linen is an excellent fabric choice. Harvested from hemp, ramie and jute; linen is versatile, used for thousands of years in the construction of garments, sails and rope.

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