National Parks Artist Feature w/ Simon Perini

The man behind the National Park graphic tees. 

Simon Perini is the man behind the designs for our latest collab with National Parks. We managed to get a couple words out of him to go along with drop of the tee collection. You can check out these epic National Park & Wildlife Graphic tees on our site now.
  • Simon, what inspired you to become a graphic design artist?

I’ve kinda always been more of a creative than super sporty or academic - so it was a natural direction for me to head in. I love that graphic design is so broad and can cover so many genres, industries, cultures and times in history. I really like how it can be used to communicate, inform or just entertain . . . or all 3 at once! I feel really privileged to be able to do this as my job and am grateful for all the people who have helped, inspired and employed me along the way.


  • You have an extensive list of clients that you have worked with over the years. Where do you draw your inspiration from when creating each new design?

I think with each client I want to first take my inspiration from what inspires them. It might sound like a cop out - but I like to start there and then explore what my take on it would be - which will naturally be influenced by what I am into at the time. I really appreciate all forms of design - but for whatever reason my default seems to often be nostalgic, kooky and clunky. With each new work, I generally have this foggy sense of what I think will fit the brief - and then the design transpires as I try to unearth and clarify what it is that is vaguely rattling around in my weird head.



  • Do you have any favourite hobbies you've been delving into when you're not working?

The ocean and surfing is always my first choice - but injuries have plagued me these passed few years. I am getting more interested in learning about religion, psychology and culture etc - so I often find my mind wandering and procrastinating as I look into all that kinda stuff. 



  • If you were deserted on a remote island, what would be one thing you would want to have with you?

My family.



  • Is there anything you wish you knew before starting a career in graphic design that may have made your life easier in the beginning?

Not really. I feel like the learning curve for me has always been at the right pace for my ability and my drive. I guess it would have been nice to have known things like instagram were going to exist - then I probably wouldnt have spent so much money on old cameras and old film trying to get an aesthetic that can now be done in one click . . . but then again, that was such a fun and adventurous time for me too. So yeah nah, I’m all good.


Thanks for having me and being interested in me sharing a little.




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