Our Top Picks for Fair Trade Cotton Fleeces

It's easy to overlook a good sweatshirt. Even fans of their buttery soft goodness often underestimate the difference between one that's nice and one that's perfect.


Starting out as a practical bit of gear for workers and athletes back in 1930s America, the crew neck fleece and its famous cousin the hoodie have grown to become iconic pieces of casual style, worn by everyone from tech overlords to hip-hop legends.


At Mr Simple, we've been working on our range of fleece for years, constantly tweaking and refining the collection every season. Our latest evolutionary step includes the exclusive use of certified fair-trade fabric, which means that not only do they all feel great on the outside, but you can feel good on the inside, knowing you're making a better choice.


Our fleeces are like our children – it'd be impossible to pick a favourite, we were able to narrow it down to a couple we're addicted to wearing right now.


Fair Trade Crew Neck Black

This is what we call a desert island bit of clothing. If you were going to be stranded someplace cold and only got to take one layer with you, this would be it. Not only does it have the perfect silhouette, but it's constructed from 350gsm heavyweight fleece (which means it's thicker and softer than your average crew neck) and it's black. Nothing cooler. Or warmer.    

Fair Trade Pop Over Hood Grey

For those days when the southerly feels like it's blowing straight from the Arctic, or simply when you're still half asleep and don't feel like facing the world while making your way to the local cafe. Our pop over hoodie is made from a durable fleece that means it'll maintain its shape long after other brands have started sagging. While not scientifically proven, the grey seems to sooth hangover headaches too.


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