5 Ways to Style a Plain White Tee

They say inspiration can come from anywhere, but let's be honest, when it comes to styling a classic white t-shirt, the only place to really look is classic films. Let's hit rewind for a second and get a second take from five of the best.


Rebel Without A Cause

Apparently, t-shirt sales exploded after James Dean hit the screen in a white shirt, blue jeans and biker boots. To this day, 66 years later, the classic combo of dark straight leg denim, with a tight white t-shirt tucked into them, and an honest pair of boots, is hard to match for uncomplicated style.


The Big Lebowski

Taking casual cool to the extreme, Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski is the slacker guru everyone would love to be when they grow up. What better way to spend your life than cruising in dark shades, dressing gown, white t-shirt, patterned shorts and leather slippers. All while sipping white Russians.    



He might not have been the smartest T-Bird in the gang, but Danny Zuko was definitely the sharpest looking. With his crisp white tee, black leather jacket (complete with the collar popped up), black jeans, white socks and black suede shoes, John Travolta's famous character defined the look of the era, which still works today.     


A Streetcar Named Desire

Even if you've never watched the movie, you know the image of Marlon Brando under that streetlamp looking like a complete boss in his white t-shirt, pants and detailed belt. You'd probably want to update the look a bit with a roomier t-shirt and a pair of chinos, but the timeless vibe remains.       


Pulp Fiction

Think of Bruce Willis and his white singlet in the Die Hard films probably springs to mind, but don't forget his epic role as Butch in Pulp Fiction, where he rocked a white t-shirt, tan jacket (much like our cord Sherpa), light blue jeans and white Chucks. Zed might be dead, but this combo will never die.   

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