Q : A – Wollongong’s BAFCAT

Ryan from the Mondo Deluxe store shoots the breeze with Wollongong’s own Bafcat! They cover conspiracy theories to being a Mallrat. Find out more about the man behind the colourful characters.


What does a typical day look like for Bafcat?
First thing I need is coffee or i die, then I head to my studio read emails then start either drawing, painting or watching a movie. I also go to the mall a lot cause I’m a mallrat !!


Haha watch Mallrats then go to the Mall! There is usually rad animals in your work, but Cats feature probably the most. What is it about felines that you like?
Hahah I’ve never actually done that, but I need to now!! Well the funny thing is I’m allergic to cats, but I fucking love em! If I was to come back after death I would want to be a panther!!

Ah that would be badass! You could be the next Sublime point panther. (Urban myth that a panther stalks a known Wollongong walking track) What tunes get the creative juices going?
Right now I’ve been listening to Kendrick Lamar, Vince staples and suicidal tendencies. It all depends what mood I’m in, usually I’ll put on a movie iv seen a million times while creating!


That’s quite the mix! Always wondered if there is any hidden messages, inside jokes or conspiracy theories in any of the art that you do?
Conspiracy theories play a part in my work, as I’m fascinated with secret societies and occult. I like to make narratives with objects and figures that evoke the ideas of conspiracy theories.

Want to talk about any particular theories?
My favourite theory is that of the island of Naboombu. The island was discovered in 1971 by the Rawlins family! It’s was covered in intelligent animals. The family disappeared and the island was never found again!!


haha yeah i like that one! You live in the coastal city of Wollongong. What is the scene like there?
The Wollongong scene has been growing strong for the last few years, the creative side is getting more opportunities than ever!

Wollongong on the up! You help run a gallery there called “Moving Mountains”, how do you find that? Any local artists that your feeling?
The gallery is great! We have a growing following and support. Its good to see local artist getting the opportunity to show their art! There are too many rad local artist to name!!


Yeah you guys are doing a great thing for local artists that normally wouldn’t get their work shown. So what is next for Bafcat?
What’s next for me is always a mystery! I’m working on a project with yourself and I got a few ideas in the boiler but I don’t want to say! I also hope that the gallery continues into next year as well!


Good to hear! Let’s wrap this sucka up! Any words of wisdom for young artists?
I guess all I can say is if you love to create, never stop. There will be more hard times than easy but if you stick at it you will end up doing something you love!

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