Lucas Wilkinson : Winter sports videographer

Lens man and captain of Side Life Studios, Nick Parkinson, caught up with his ol’mate and fellow lens man, Lucas Wilkinson to talk about gear, the winter sports scene and finally, his road trip top 3.

How did you get involved with the winter sports scene?
I grew up in Jindabyne at the base of the NSW Snowy Mountains and I’ve been skiing since before I could walk. I had a core group of friends and we grew up together skiing, constantly begin our parents for days off so we could ski (to which they sometimes obliged). I’m not really sure how it happened but we were always filming each other doing tricks and I think I was the most woosie out of the lot so I ended up filming the most and the rest is history. I dabbled in and out of the industry for a few years between travelling etc. Then I spent a few years immersed pretty deep in the administrative side of the industry, which was really soul destroying. And, now I’m doing a lot of work outside of it which is nice and refreshing, but the core of my work still remains in the mountains.


What gear are you packing?
I shoot on RED epic exclusively. I bought a camera package a few years ago and have never looked back. At the time it was a huge gamble but it has absolutely paid off. I honestly can’t imagine shooting on another came platform again.

What was your first camera?
My first camera would have been my family handy cam that we bought for a snow holiday to the France when I was about 10. My dad bought it specifically to document the holiday. I just remember it being stupidly expensive for what it was. But we still have those mini DV tapes down under the house somewhere so it did its job I guess.

What are you working on now?
I’ve spent this past winter working for Thredbo ski resort doing general video stuff as well as some of my own projects. I started a web series call My Thredbo where I profiled interesting characters in and around the snow scene in NSW. There’s some incredible history in the mountains of Australia and some great stories to be told.


Toughest hurdle you’ve overcome to get the shot?
I’d have to say ski touring in Spain at 3500m with a 40kg backpack. My friends Boen Fergsuson and Charlie Timmins are pro skiers and we were on a trip for The North Face to ski tour to some remote lines in the Spanish backcountry in Sierra Nevada. We would do 10-15 Kms a day with that weight, and would be shooting in between. When we finally headed home on that trip I didn’t think I would make it back to where we parked the car I was so exhausted. But, I did, and the double Big Mac that I ate that afternoon in Granada was the best I’d ever had!

Biggest highlight so far?
It sounds cliche but it’s all great, I can’t pick one. I really enjoy shooting, especially outdoors and in far-flung places around the world. I’m constantly on the search for the next adventure or idea so I guess one day one will stand out above the rest, but for now I’m just stoked to be doing what I’m doing.

Dream shoot?
I’ve had an idea in my head for a while to do a doco on skiing/snowboarding some of the glaciers on earth that won’t be around for much longer. This would tie in with some climate change themes and hopefully, ultimately raise awareness for climate change. I have some stuff in the works for this, but at the moment this is the dream I’m working towards.


Finally, the SideLife top 3

Road trip song?
Radar Love – Golden Earring (Had to look up who made this song, ha)
A Thousand Miles  – Vanessa Carlton
Mr Blue Sky – ELO

Road trip food?
Any fast food burger
Beef jerky

Road trip must-have?
Good mates
Good vibes
Good camera

Shout out to Nparks for the vibes, tools down boys it’s smoko somewhere!

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