A Vision of Failure

Have we become to scared to follow through on our own vision of the future through fear of failure?

What did you set out to do in 2015? Start a company, write a book, make a film, start a family, change careers, buy a house, move house, make a sea change or start a not for profit. In reflection. How many of them happened.

Why not? Has failure has become an expected right of passage. We hear it all the time, the GFC hit, a friends business failed, in fact, 8 out of 10 businesses fail. We are time poor, I have kids, we don’t have the money, it is too hard. We have become so conditioned that failure is upon us that we chose not to follow to avoid. We dismiss our given right to try. What do we really learn from failure? Not to do it again. Sure its a lesson, but is it a great one?

Here is a thought. Don’t inhale. What happens to someone else has no bearing on what is going to happen to you. Other people’s failure, other people poor choices, other people’s inaction are all other people’s problems. They have no bearing on what you decide to do tomorrow, nor to the outcome of what will happen to you if you do.

  • So when someone who has never tried, says its scary… don’t breathe it in.
  • When someone tried and failed and thinks you need to hear why… don’t breathe it in.
  • When someone tells you cant do it because someone else tried and it never worked… don’t breathe it in.

Look at what you do well. Look at your successes, understand your failures, look at your future, join the dots and go in with the understanding that failure is not a prerequisite for success, nor is it a barrier. People who have failed before have the same amount of opportunity as the people who have never tried.

Breathe this in, when you know you want it, create it, don’t hesitate and make it matter. Evolution learns as much from what worked than what didn’t… follow that journey in 2016.

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