I’ve often scared myself by exploring the thought of floating aimlessly & alone in space without rescue in sight. What would transpire in one’s mind if all that is left is to float way through nothingness? Unlike bobbing in the middle of the ocean, this journey would be made travelling through silence; and, once fear had subsided, all one would be left with is the sound of thought & the breath of human life.

So, if we reduce our life to what it really is, we are left with a vessel that breathes & a mind that controls it.

Which highlights how affected/effected by the outside world we are. From the moment we are created, from the spark between our parents, & so on, & so on, we are governed by two laws – gravity, & Newton’s 3rd. This affect/effect causes stress, in amounts we can either handle or we can not. And that stress – again, Newtown’s 3rd Law of “action/reaction” – causes or alleviates other stress, & so on… Be rest assured, more stress is around the corner, armed & ready to cause unrest in your journey like a stone in the path of water.

I have found that there are two heads to the snake of stress – time & money. As soon as you place either, or both, of these constraints on a task in your life, your life immediately becomes more stressful… so, how do we alleviate stress when, in this day & age, the inclusion & pressure from both are completely unavoidable?

  1. Swim in the ocean
  2. Remember we all make mistakes
  3. Share something that makes you laugh
  4. Say no when you need to
  5. Cook a meal from scratch
  6. Tell someone you love them
  7. Play your favourite song
  8. Do more of what’s important to you
  9. Be proud of who you are
  10. Celebrate when things go well

This list sat unattended to on the wall of its owner’s cubicle for some time. In fact, when I asked if I could take a photograph of it, she discontentedly replied, “You can have it. I don’t stress ‘cause I’m too old to change now & too old to care.” To which I replied, “You are never too old. In terms of human existence – what does ‘old’ even mean? In fact, when does one become old? If one is always trying to better themselves then one never stops growing. Therefore, one can never get ‘old’ meaning one is forever young. So, what would you do if you never got old?”

So, what would you do if you never ‘got old’?

Would you travel more? Write more? Love more? Stress less? Dream more? Climb more? Achieve more?

Life doesn’t begin at forty – it begins as soon as you breathe in.

Thirty isn’t the new twenty – ‘thirty’ isn’t anything – nor ‘time’ – they are simply words humans have created as expectations of experience.

We do not ‘grow old’ – we simply continue to think & breathe…

However, it is our choice of task – with their outcome of loathe & stress, or love & success – to which we assign our thoughts & breaths that determines what becomes us before we, inevitably, float away through nothingness.



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