Whether it be by phone, by friend or by intuition, reminders are important. To paraphrase a long-time idol, artist/writer/lyricist Brandon Boyd, they act as “monuments to where we have been and sing melodies to where we are going.”

I was recently reminded of the importance in life to pursue one’s dreams. If we assign our life to the pursuit of happiness, we can, therefore, achieve it. It is that simple. Know your dreams and spend your time working on them. Use your courage to pursue and persist, otherwise, really, what is life??

From womb to tomb, we are all given an unknown amount of breaths to assign to tasks… and what better days are there than those spent working on your dreams.

Do not waste time. Do at least one thing you love each day, for if you change one thing, you change everything. Do something you’re proud of each day. Do something today that gives tomorrow a chance at being a better day than yesterday. Every day, do something that moves you closer to your dream. Dare to dream, each and every day, because a life without dreaming is simply being asleep while you’re awake.

Dream & pursue. Search & discover.

Why? Because we have to spend our time doing something, why not that which make us the happiest??

Because it’s scary and daunting… but if the body produces the same chemical reaction during moments of anxiety and excitement, achieving a dream it is, therefore, quite simply, a matter of perception.

Courage is born when we take & make the necessary steps & sacrifices to achieve.

Opportunity lies at the fork in the road with the road less travelled. We are all faced with the opportunity to call upon our soul for the strength that is required to do what others will not. In this moment, we are offered the opportunity to achieve what others can not. And, if we dare, we achieve the best of ourselves because we offer the best of ourselves to the world.

Easier said than done?

I don’t think so.

What is harder – pursuing a life we love or living with one you don’t?

World-renowned snowboarder & adventurer, Jeremy Jones, spent twenty years pursuing his dream of climbing the Grand Teton and snowboarding down it’s spine. Twenty years of living and breathing the dream… but it all started at a single fork in the road. And that is the same for all of us. Life begins the very moment we realise we only have one life to live. That moment in which we stare in the face of truth, face to face with our mountain and, with a single breath, we ask our soul the single question: “Ordinary, or extraordinary?”

We owe it to ourselves to live the dream. To listen to the universe and live the life designed for us. Therefore, it is important to understand that if one wishes to live the dream, one first needs to know what it is. We feel it – you feel it – we all do. We simply need to ask the question and feel the answer. Truth & dreams aren’t found outside; they are found within. However, truth can be hidden like treasure at the bottom of the sea – sometimes it takes a little more breath and a little more courage to find it. But it is down there, that I can guarantee, so we owe it to ourselves to dive into the journey to find it.

We owe it to our creators to follow the path of passion.

We owe it to those less fortunate to become what we are capable of becoming.

We owe it to life to feel alive… because when death arrives, we won’t feel a thing.




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