They say to think positively because it feels better but that’s easier said than done sometimes. The amount of times I’ve gone through pain in this heart, or putting it through the torment of possibility only to have the rest of the race ride away into the sunset, is unfathomable. Let me assure you, for somebody who loves the world so much, it is hard to keep walking up the mountain in a foot of soft snow. But these are the cards fate has dealt. I need to keep walking. & I need not worry. Why? Because I have no way of changing them. Only myself.

It really does all come down to timing. I’ve always said we are all lines on the canvas of time, moving forward, & up, & down, left & right, bouncing off others, marking time with others but never as others. Think of all the wonderful people you have met during your timeline based on the same spark that creates love. Why have I asked you to do that? Because it is exactly the same spark. I love the people closest to me, deeply. To the core of my being. Love is the fuel that keeps us alive. Otherwise, we feel dead & empty inside. The only difference between the love of a brother or sister and intimate love is attraction. Magnetic attraction. We are drawn to one another, as if the forces of fate have us vibrating at frequencies that are completely and perfectly in harmony. Just the two of us. There is no other explanation as to why two people meet & stay together. Our tunes are in harmony, for that which we are longing for, and as a result, we get to spend part of our line moving toward the end together; or, and this is sometimes the hardest part, because something is meant to happen as a result of you meeting. Sometimes we hope with all our heart that a certain spark is meant to be the one that stays with us for all our days but more often than not it isn’t. Think of the amount of people you’ve crossed paths with in your life already, who you’ve bumped into, shared a smile with, a thought of maybe I’ll go and ask her for coffee, then, using that number, think of the amount of people you will meet in the future… & we say that he or she is “the one”.

A lot of what life has to offer is an effect of a cause from days long gone. Mum met dad, they conceived you on a day where they went to the beach rather than the mountains, who they are, what they are, to the very nanosecond the sperm kissed the egg – so many trivial nuances that had to happen to cause, in effect, you. And we dare try and control this with hopes and wishes that a certain someone would love us the way we love them. With longing and feeling sorry for ourselves.

Look around you. Do you like what you see – your home, your friends, your choice of career, your hobbies (or lack there of)?

If you do, then let that highlight the beauty in the madness. If you don’t then make changes. But even those decisions are preordained based on Newtown’s 3rd Law. We cannot control our thoughts, but we can address them. We cannot control the actions of others, but we can accept them. Just as we cannot control love… but we can embrace that.

Que sera, sera.

Think positively because, at the end of the day, the only thing that it changes is you.



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