Adventure – what does it mean to you? Throwing yourself out of a plane, leaping off a cliff, or hiking a mountain? Or perhaps just travelling solo to a country you’ve never been to before? Whatever your definition of adventure travel there’s one thing for sure – it’s  good for the soul and if given the option, you should say yes every single time…

Adventure travel has soared in popularity over the past few years, with more and more people choosing to embrace their daredevil side. People care about their health, both mental and physical, and this is translating into their travel choices. Sure we love a good old fashioned beach holiday filled with a whole lot of eating, drinking, sunning it up and not much else, but there’s just something about getting out there and really experiencing the world that is so much more appealing.

But why? Why are people opting for adventure over relaxation, pushing themselves to the edge of their comfort zone on a so called vacation? And why should you be sharing their mindset? Here come the specifics:


Remember the countless times your parents told you fresh air was good for you, normally to get you off the computer/console/annoying your little sister? Turns out they were right. Fresh, clean air, especially mountain air, has an alkaline effect on your body which helps to protect it from disease. When you’re stressed or doing little exercise your acidity levels increase, often resulting in illness, the inability to lose weight and a lack of energy. Fresh air reverses this effect and has a positive impact on your body.


Ever wondered why you feel so much happier and content after going for a run, hitting the gym or spending the afternoon playing Frisbee with your mates? It’s all to do with endorphin’s. Endorphins act as analgesics (a pain killer), reducing the perception of pain or anxiety. They work in the same way as the drug morphine only unlike morphine, endorphin’s are produced in your body and are completely non addictive (unless you’re a self confessed exercise addict). Now imagine how many endorphin’s your body would create after hiking a mountain, white water rafting a river or bungee jumping down a gorge? That’s one mad crazy high.


Friendships are based on shared experiences – memories that two or more people make together based on interactions and activities they’ve done together in the past. So when you’re with a new group of friends mountain biking through the Swiss Alps, horse back riding through the Canadian Rockies or jet boat riding through Niagara Falls, just imagine the memories you’ll make that you can laugh about over a cold beer that evening or reminisce over on your 30 year adventure travel tour reunion. Adventure is a bonding experience – you’re all in it together and only you know what it feels like.

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