New Classic Flannel Styles

Our Best Flannel Shirts Just Got Better

 It's impossible to put a classic flannel shirt on and not feel a little more rugged. Like you're about to embark on some wilderness adventure or get stuck into some hard manual labour. Even when in reality you're probably just going to sit inside on your laptop all day. This is the power of the mighty "flanno" and it's just one of the reasons we love 'em.       


Quick History Lesson

Flannel shirts go back. Way back. Before the urban lumberjack, before grunge, there were a bunch of very clever (but very cold) Welsh textile workers in the late 1600s, who were keen to overcome the wet and windy climate. Looking round the factory, one bloke came up with the bright idea of taking the surplus sheep's wool and creating a friendlier, more durable fabric through a process called carding. This new method softened the yarn, so it could be made thinner, while retaining all the toughness of thicker wool. Boom! Flannel was born.


Tradition Meets Technology

While flannel shirts quickly became an unofficial uniform, not only for Welsh farmers, but the entire working class of Europe and America, our latest versions have been designed and constructed for everyone.


Warm enough for the colder months, layer them when it gets super chilly, or leave them unbuttoned over a classic t-shirt when it starts warming up. Made from fair trade cotton, they come in a broad range of colours and cheque patterns, some traditional enough to make a Welsh farmer proud and others more modern.


What else goes with a flanno? What doesn't! Wear them with a beanie, knitwear, jacket, backpack, boots, denim or chinos. Give one to your lady to wear to bed and see how hot she looks. This might just be the most versatile shirt you'll ever own.

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