5 Simple Tips for Styling Corduroy

If you're after a classic or retro twist to your wardrobe, you cant go wrong with some corduroy to last you through the seasons. Keep it simple with some corduroy pants or go formal with our latest McQueen cord blazer.

We've pieced together some of our top tips to help style your next corduroy purchase.

How To Style Corduroy

1. What Tops to Wear with Corduroy Pants

We like to keep it simple and combine a white reginald tee when wearing the corduroy chino pants. This classic look compliments the cord material helping to neutralise the boldness of the pant.

2. Go Smart Casual with Cord

If you're looking to formalise a look while also keeping it casual, then we recommend pairing either corduroy jackets or a cord blazer with your favourite black denim jeans. A cord shirt can also be worn buttoned up or buttoned down to match the occasion. Cord tops are a great option for that fancy dinner or event you've been wondering what to wear to.

3. What Shoes to Wear with Cord

Pair some white or neutral coloured sneakers as seen in our Clae shoes range with our cord tanner pants. The elastic waist makes for a comfortable relaxed fit. 

4. Tuck in The T-shirt!

When wearing one of our corduroy jackets dont be afraid to tuck the t-shirt you're wearing underneath. Same goes with our cord bottoms, the pleats on the pant are a great way to show detailed accents - adding some extra style points.

5. Complete the Classic Look

Complete the classical vintage look with some neutral coloured accessories. This can apply to belts, shoes, socks and also tees. 

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