Men's Outfit Ideas for Spring/Summer

It's that time of year again where you start to venture out of your winter nest and expose yourself to some much-needed sunshine and outdoor activities. This spring season brings some of our most high-quality products to date at Mr Simple. Made from ethically sourced materials including organic and recycled cottons as well as beautiful hemp blends.

We've put together some of our favourites to add to your spring summer outfit ideas; from Tees, Shorts and Short Sleeve Shirts, these clothing departments are sure to help you freshen up the wardrobe for the coming months.

Casual Tees

The backbone to any outfit has to be tees. They can be worn in so many diverse ways and are the key building block to any decent outfit. The warmer spring/summer months mean you'll no doubt be wearing less layers and showing off some skin, so a good t-shirt will be essential. 

Army Stripe T-shirt

We're a sucker for a classic stripe tee that can be styled easily with an open shirt or layered on top of a long sleeve tee. Just look at our latest Army Stripe Tee or the Breton Stripe Tee, you can’t beat it when it comes to making a summer fashion statement.

Breton Stripe Tee

Style Out In Shorts

Let's be honest, pants and jeans can be uncomfortable, especially when the weather starts heating up heading into the Summer months. Give your legs a breather by adding some mens shorts to your spring shopping list. Chino shorts are a must have for its versatility, but if you're out looking for something with a little more detail you can't go wrong with some Cord shorts

Linen Shorts in Black

If you're leaning more towards comfort; a pair of Linen shorts are up there with the best. Our staple linen tanner shorts feature an elastic waist to ensure a snug fit, so you’re feeling comfortable even after you opted in for that greasy burger with extra fries for lunch.

Linen Shorts in Navy

Go Smart or Go Casual in Short Sleeve Shirts

Linen shirts have been a mainstay in our spring/summer collections for the past couple of years and there is good reason for that. Linen is a breathable fabric which helps keep you cool. Not a short sleeve shirt kind of guy? Don't worry we've got Long Sleeve Linen Shirts too. 

Linen Shirts

If you’re looking for something with a bit more character, then try our range of BBQ Shirts. No matter what, a Linen Collar will fit the bill for tropical holidays, summer weddings or a hot date.

Mens Floral Printed Linen Shirt

Putting together a men's outfit idea for Spring & Summer shouldn’t be a painful task. 

Get the job done with us today. With a great range of staples on offer, you’ll pick up something classic and minimal in design that’s also built to last. 

Mr Simple offers an easier way to shop. If you prefer shopping for a men’s casual summer outfit in person then check out our store locations! Otherwise, our online shop is always open for you 24/7.

Shop your Spring Summer outfit now at Mr Simple Clothing & Accessories store.  


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