Denim Jeans a must have in your wardrobe

Denim jeans: the cornerstone of every great wardrobe.

Generally speaking, guys don't have many options when it comes to dressing the bottom half of our bodies. Basically, we get shorts when it's hot and chinos or denim jeans when it's cold. Sure, you could add tracky dacks onto that list, and despite the fact we see more of them worn outside on the streets nowadays, we still reckon they're better reserved for the lounge in front of the telly.

Faced with such limited options, the honest truth is you've got to have a bloody good pair of denim jeans in your wardrobe. Don't believe us? Take a look inside the cupboard of any stylish bloke (ask him first, otherwise that'd be weird) and we'll bet one hundred and fifty-nine bucks and ninety-five cents that a pair of denim jeans is the cornerstone of what keeps him looking sharp. Actually, chances are there's a whole collection.


Never Too Many

Denim jeans are like surfboards and guitars – you can never have too many of them. You want vintage blue ones for everyday wear, black ones for going out, a pair of indigo ones for work. Then there's slim fit with the more tapered legs, which give them a slightly less casual look. Or your classic straight fit for those who like a bit more room in their pants.


Up or Down

Dress them up with a pair of brogues or boots, linen shirt and a blazer. Chuck a belt in there too. Or keep it casual with a classic Reginald t-shirt and a pair of trainers. Heck, go a pair of thongs if you really want to chill. No matter your style, the key to looking your best in denim is buying good looking jeans. Pretty simple. Like everything else in your wardrobe, the quality of what you buy will always shine through eventually.

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