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Remember the good old days when we could visit other countries? Back when international flights were cheap and you could get almost anywhere on the planet for around a grand, as long as you were willing to suffer through the misery of a long-haul flight stuffed in economy class. Or how about when we could leave our own cities and drive interstate? While even taking a classic Aussie road trip is out of the question right now, we've got the next best thing, which is a series of new Tourist Tees.

The Best Memento

Picking up a souvenir shirt on an adventure is our favourite type of keepsake. We're fond of novelty coffee cups, fridge magnets and bottle openers too, but with Tourist Tees you get to reminisce about all the good times you had on your holiday every time you wear it. Plus, unlike t-shirts from big brands, which are made by the thousands and are available everywhere, Tourist Tees only come from one place, whether that's some random country pub or small-town business.

As long-time fans, we started to realise a lot of places we visited didn't sell their own Tourist Tees, so we made 'em ourselves. Some places are real, others are invented. More than a few are businesses we dreamt up after getting half drunk. Let's take a closer look at a couple, shall we?


Dave's Loans & Guns             

Get more bang for your buck in this beauty. Inspired by watching too much Pawn Stars and thinking about trips to 'Merica, where you can buy cheap beer and shoot machine guns, often all in the one place! 


Fred's Pizza

Less work, more pizza is a motto we could live by, so we decided to start an imaginary pizza shop to hang out in. Like many a classic Tourist Tees, this one stars an anthropomorphic character, the slice of pizza on a skateboard.  

Don't sleep on these latest designs. When they're gone, they're gone!

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